Top 5 African countries with the most beautiful women 2018


What do you think is the criteria for a woman to be called beautiful? Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who is kind and caring to others, someone with an exceedingly gorgeous external appearance, a woman with sparkly eyes, a woman with a radiant glow that attracts people, in general, a woman who is inexplicable, strong and pure.

Africa is a continent blessed with beautiful women. Here in our list, we compile the top five African countries with the most beautiful women.

1. Ethiopia

African countries with the most beautiful women

Top of our list is the beautiful women of Ethiopia. Ethiopian people have a unique skin color. You can look at the photo of the iconic Liya Kebede, who is an Ethiopian top model. The origin of Ethiopians is believed to be a mixture of Arabs and black local Africans. This mixture of colors gives Ethiopian women a light brown smooth skin with a beautifully curved body. Ethiopian women have this unique personality that makes them shine and on top of that, they are well-mannered women who are followers of fashion.

2. Somalia

African countries with the most beautiful women

Somalia is now a country of war and poverty, but this war can’t hide the beauty of Somali women. They are known with their chocolate color skin and soft long hair. Something that is extraordinary about Somali women is their manner. They are religious and traditionally mannered.

3. Rwanda

African countries with the most beautiful women

Our third position goes to Rwanda. They have this unique full lips that are so attractive to see. Their body figure is also very attractive with amazing thighs and hips. Rwandan women are not only beautiful in the outside but also internally. They are independent and hardworking women with a great personality.

4. Kenya

African countries with the most beautiful women

Fourth place in our list belongs to Kenya. Kenyan women are believed to be romantic. If you are looking for a woman which is down to earth with an amazing curve, Kenyan women are the perfect match.

5. South Africa

African countries with the most beautiful women

Last but not least, we wrap up our beauty ranking with the beautiful women found in South Africa. South Africa is a country of different races. From Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and the whole country is filled with beautiful women. It doesn’t matter whether they are white South Africans or black South Africans, one thing you know for sure if they are stunning and beautiful.

Is this really the official list of top 5 African countries with the most beautiful women?

Of course not. We compiled this list based on our opinion and some great references. If you are really looking for the official list of top 5 African countries with the most beautiful women, I don’t think there is an official list.

We hope you enjoyed our list of “Top 5 African countries with the most beautiful women”. Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

Afronism Team

Afronism Team


  1. This is amazing; I can’t stop reading. And I am delighted that my country is first in the list. Thanks for sharing such an article; hope to see more of this.

    • Thanks for the feedback @Alexander. We will update information about Africa soon.

    • Thanks so much hailab. We will update more articles to your email address.

  2. Maybe top beautiful in east Africa? If this is all of Africa the list can’t be complete without Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Cape Verde, Liberia and Guinea,

  3. Not meant to be rude or something but Moroccan woman are also beautiful

  4. These are all East African countries, plus a country that is native to white people. You’ve only named the mixed African countries, and while they are beautiful, so are Senegalese women, Nigerian women, Guinean women, and all other women. Every single country has attractive women and women who aren’t physically appealing. I’m so fed up with this bullshit. Take your list and stick it up your ass.

    • Woow, take it easy Serina. Thanks for taking a moment to forward your thoughts.

  5. Kenya comes 3rd… Ethiopia women are seeded from the iconic goddess, Queen of Sheba, who overwhelmed the richest man on earth then (Mfalme Suleiman) with her charm and beauty.

  6. I think 1st time i was writen in this page,ethi and eritrea one blooded countries ,u could not be separet if u saw them in any place u can get what u deserve.i was from ethi

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