Top 10 Universities in Africa


Looking for the top 10 universities in Africa list? Here in this Article, we will cover the best high rated top 10 universities in Africa.

If you are planning to study in Africa, you will find lots of opportunities to explore various cultures, sights, landscapes, and general adventures in a diverse and huge continent. There are countless of universities you can choose from in Africa and these include the following:

1. University of Nairobi

First on oir list of top 10 universities in Africa is University of Nairobi. In 1956, University of Nairobi was actually a technical college, yet in 1970, it became an independent university. Nowadays, the institution is spread across 7 campuses and home to about 1600 academic staff members who oversee approximately 70,000 students, through over the 600 university programs. Every year, the University of Nairobi hosts 120 foreign students. It has also close ties with international community through bilateral collaborations with more than 20 global organizations and universities in publications and joint research.

2. University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town

It is considered as the most aged university in South Africa and it’s also one of the best universities in the world. In fact, it’s always included in the top 200 universities worldwide. The campus is located around the slopes of Devil’s Peak near Table Mountain, providing fantastic views.

3. American University in Cairo


Located in Egypt, American University in Cairo is ranked 395th in 2016’s world ranking. It teaches English as well as possesses the biggest English-language library collection in Egypt.

4. Cairo University


The fourth place on our list of top 10 universities in Africa goes to Cairo University. Its main campus is located in Giza, which twenty kilometers southwest across Nile from Cairo.

5. University of Johannesburg


It’s considered as the youngest university in South Africa. It was formed by merging of the earlier institutions in 2005. It is considered to be one of the top universities in Africa.

6. University of Pretoria


It is considered as one of the biggest universities in South Africa with about 50,000 students at 7 campuses. It was established in year 1908 and the university was also featured in University Rankings in the world.

7. Stellenbosch University


It is also located in South Africa and climbed thirty-four places in this year’s rankings and now placed joint 361st across the globe. Established in year 1918, the university is situated in the town of the Stellenbosch, fifty kilometers east of the Cape Town.

8. University of Witwatersrand


It’s frequently called Wits, which is another institution in South Africa. It has a total of 5 campuses in suburban and urban Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa. This university has about 33,700 students and around 2,600 of them are international students.

9. Makerere University

Established in year 1922, Makerere University became an independent national university in year 1970. It is the oldest and biggest public university in Uganda. The university built a focused research agenda in line with the policy objectives of the national government and aims to support such programs through a multi-disciplinary approach that ranges from education, economics to natural sciences.

10. Ashesi University College


Last but not least, the tenth spot on our list of top 10 universities in Africa goes to Ashesi University College. Founded in year 2002, AU or Ashesi University has grown to a population of about 600 registered students. It describes itself as a coeducational institution and its mission is educating the new generation of entrepreneurial and ethical leaders in Africa.

Thanks for reading our list of top 10 universities in Africa. If you have any suggestions regarding universities in Africa, feel free to comment below.

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Afronism Team

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