Top 5 largest African countries


Africa as a continent covers a great portion of earth’s dry land. The continent of Africa is the second largest continent on this planet. Africa covers 30.2 million square km of earth’s surface. Currently Africa has an estimate of more than one billion population. Year to year, the population of Africa is drastically increasing in number.

Out of the 54 independent and sovereign countries in Africa, we compiled a list of the 5 largest African countries by size.

1. Algeria

Top 5 largest African countries

The first place on our list of 5 largest African countries goes to Algeria. With an area coverage of 2,381,741 square km, Algeria is the number one largest country in Africa.

Algeria is a country located on the north of Africa. At different points in time Algeria was occupied by different empires, including the Ottoman and Roman Empires. Other notable empires that conquered Algeria includes the Phoenicians, Vandals, Byzantines, Spaniards, and the French colonial empire.

Over 40 million people currently live in Algeria. It has the 16th largest oil reserves on the planet and the national oil company of Algeria is the largest in the country. It gained independence in 1962 from France and was under a state of emergency for 19 years that was lifted in 2011. Algeria is undergoing major infrastructural reform to increase trade between its neighboring countries, and currently there are about 180,000 kilometers of highways in the country. There are coastal, grassy, mountainous, and dessert regions in Algeria, which makes it a very diverse place and allows it to support wide ranges of wildlife.

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Top 5 largest African countries

The second place on our list of 5 largest African countries goes to Algeria. With an area coverage of 2,345,409 square km, Democratic republic of Congo is the second largest country in Africa. 4.3% of the total area is believed to be covered by water bodies.

This country is more often referred to as the DRC or the Congo. It is positioned in Central part of Africa. The country is surrounded by South Sudan, the Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Rwanda, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the eleventh largest country in the world and over 80 million people live here.

Many of its inhabitants speak French. It was first settled over 900 centuries ago by Bantu people. It is very rich in natural resources, but due to political instability in the region and poor infrastructure, as well as other issues plaguing the government, it has not been developed to its full potential.

3. Sudan

Top 5 largest African countries

The third place on our list of 5 largest African countries goes to Sudan. With an area coverage of 1,886,068 square km, Sudan is the third largest country in Africa.

The population of Sudan is estimated to be 40,235,000, with a density of 21.3 km2. The dominant religion of Sudan is Islam with followers of 97% of the population. There are many rivers that crosses the country and the terrain is mostly flat plains, with some mountain ranges.

Before Sudan gained its independence in 1956, it was ruled by both Egypt and England. Currently the government is based on Sharia law.

4. Libya

Top 5 largest African countries

The fourth place on our list of 5 largest African countries goes to Libya. With an area coverage of 1,759,541 square km, Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa.

The population of Libya is estimated to be 6,541,948 with a density of 3.55 people per square kilometer. Libya is a country located in Northern part of Africa and is bordered by the Tunisia, Niger, Chad, Algeria, Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea and Sudan. There are three main historical regions in the country and six million people live here. It has been ruled by Carthaginians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and the Romans.

The country became independent in 1951. In 2011, the events of the Arab Spring (countries revolted for independence) resulted in a revolt by the Libyans and there continues to be political unrest in the country to present day. Libya is dessert like and dry, and is one of the sunniest countries in the world. The Libyan dessert covers much of the country and is very arid. Certain sections of Libya may go years without rainfall.

5. Chad

Top 5 largest African countries

The last place on our list of 5 largest African countries belongs to Chad. With an area coverage of 1,284,000 square km, Chad is the fifth largest country in Africa. 1.9% of the total area is believed to be covered by water bodies.

The country of Chad is named after the large Lake Chad, which is the largest wetland in the country. The official languages of the country are Arabic and Chad, and the religious makeup is 55% Islam and 40% Christianity.

There are several geographical regions of Chad–a desert in the north, an arid section in the center, and a savanna in the south. It is bordered by Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger.

In 1960 it claimed its independence, short after in 1965 civil war broke out in the country which led to bloodshed among different ethnicity of the country. There have been political crises including the Darfur crisis in Sudan, which spilled over country borders and destabilized Chad. Because of this political turmoil, national infrastructure is still poor and poverty is a widespread problem. There is much ancient history to be found in the country and major archaeological African sites are located there.

Note: – Before South Sudan separated from the Northern part of Sudan as independent state on June 2011, Sudan was the largest country in Africa.

These are the list of the five largest countries in Africa by land mass or area coverage. They all have amazing potential to become great nations in the future with enough development and political stability.

What is the most populated country in Africa?

Algeria being the largest country in Africa by size doesn’t mean it’s the most populated country. In fact 90% of Algeria’s land is part of the Saharan desert.

To answer the above question, the most populated country in Africa is Nigeria, with a population of roughly 180 million.

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