Child starvation in Africa

Child starvation in Africa

Africa is a country blessed with natural resources. However, due to the lack of good governance child starvation in Africa is common. Due to this there are a lot of starving children in Africa. These days child starvation in a common thing in Africa.

Every human being has a few fundamental human rights. One amongst them is the right to have food. To properly eat at least twice a day to continue to live and function as a proper human being. But sadly, even at this day and era, Africa faces a crisis called starvation.

What exactly is child starvation?

Child starvation in Africa

Before going into the details we should know what starvation is. Starvation is a strong desire or craving for food caused by depriving the body from food and water and it is the extreme extent of hunger.

Starvation can cause two types of malnutrition problem in the body. One is the lack of protein-energy malnutrition (PEM). It is basically a lack of calories and protein. This can cause weight loss and cease the functioning of the human organs eventually causing death. It can also cause the body to stunt which means because of the deprivation of food the body and the brain doesn’t grow and eventually doesn’t flourish, meaning the human body looking and functioning like a younger version of them even though it is growing over time.

The big problem with child starvation in Africa

Child starvation in Africa

Now moving on to the child starvation problem in Africa; we should be really concerned and alarmed about the fact that it is a huge problem all over the continent. As alarming as it is, it isn’t a generalized notion but a proven fact.

Even though not all parts of Africa is the same, as there are countries which even competes with developed countries all over the world economically. But still, East Africa has a massive issue of starvation and is under constant threat of famine.

Over 20 million people, including millions of children across Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia are in urgent need of food. In South Sudan alone, 4.9 million people – more than 40% of the country’s population – urgently need food, agriculture and nutrition assistance.

Around 20% of the whole population of the continent is disabled and all of them are children. It is currently the most underfunded humanitarian crisis and around and unless the United Nations takes any action, it can result in the death of thousands of children in Nigeria. These children are in serious risks of dying from malnutrition and starvation.

240 children dying every single day?

Recently, a Guardian correspondent saw dozens of skeletal babies at a makeshift camp in the regional Centre Maiduguri. Many had plastic nodules stuck to their skull, to allow the nurses to attach them to a drip. Many children are so thin their scalp is the only place where a visible vein can be found. The Agency also warned of a potential 90,000 children dying in the coming years unless the world community takes any action. Which amounts to at least 240 children dying every single day.

This alarming statistics really forces us to rack our minds and question our consciences as we sit in our home with plenty amount of food, fresh water, electricity and proper infrastructure. Now to look into the causes of this problem of child starvation.

Root cause of child starvation in Africa

Child starvation in Africa

Poverty is the root cause of child starvation in Africa. Unequal distribution of income, lack of production and resources causes this problem. World Bank has estimated that at least 896 million people live under poverty and earn 1.90$ a day or even less. Also widespread unemployment among displaced people has led to child starvation even in places with access to aid.

Another major issue of child starvation in Africa is insurgence. Insurgence has been rampant all over Africa in the last few decades and taken a toll on its people mostly children. In places like South Sudan children have been victims of conflict and economic collapse. Due to insurgency food supply and normal living of people has been halted. No productions of crops and attacks on innocent civilians have resulted in extreme food crisis and the majority of the victims were children.

Ways to stop child starvation in Africa

Stopping child starvation in Africa may be impossible. But we can surely decrease the amount of starving children in Africa.

Now there can be four effective ways to stop child starvation in Africa.

  • To build effective partnerships between affected governments.
  • Help countries become self-sufficient and retain and strengthen country ownership.
  • Keep hunger on domestic and international agendas
  • Find new sources and various domestic and international organizations and NGOs to donate to the cause.

Only then we can be able to defeat this curse we know as child starvation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any suggestion on child starvation in Africa, feel free to drop a comment below.

Afronism Team

Afronism Team

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