Flights to South Africa

flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa might be long, but I would take it to be a small journey, having in mind or considering the eye catching roaring wild animals, beautifully diversified culture and amazing landscapes that is waiting for you to explore.

South Africa is a huge country. Its north-eastern border, stirred out by the Limpopo River, is 1240 miles from the craggy Cape which is the golden coasts of the subtropical east, formed by the deep Indian Ocean, 990 miles from the semi-arid west shore, struck by a frozen Atlantic. It’s a continent that’s nearly five times the magnitude of Britain but it is the assortment of its geography inside this that marks it as such a captivating destination.


People love to travel and in these days there are numerous airlines that travel to South Africa. And there is no doubt that customer satisfaction is their greatest achievement. If you are planning to travel to South Africa then let’s take a look at some of the flights to South Africa that meet your requirements.

Airports inside South Africa

There are 89 airports in South Africa but the two popularly used airports for global airlifts are OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and Cape Town International Airport.

Around are consistent flights to South Africa beginning with most important centers all through Africa together with Maputo, Blantyre, Lilongwe, Harare, Luanda, Lusaka, Kinshasa, Livingstone, Mauritius, Nairobi, Gaborone, Dar es Salaam, Manzini, Cairo, Maun, Windhoek and Victoria Falls.

There are several day-to-day flights from all the main airports within the republic.  You can contact any of the airlines for specifics.

The cheapest Flights to South Africa

The low-cost commercial airline Kulula and Mango are usually the inexpensive and charges can be compared online. Kulula is essentially the low-cost trademark of native British Airways affiliate Comair, and Mango is the low-cost brand of countrywide flag carrier South African Airways. It is likewise worth associating both alongside the steady flights to South Africa because they typically have available online offers that are a lot rational.

List of best Airlines for a smooth flight to South AfricaFlights to South Africa

South African Airways

Standard carrier. It has a vast linkage to most South African capitals and functions an extensive series of Global airlifts to or from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Air France

Starting from Dubai , Johannesburg, Shanghai or one of the many other amazing destinations this flight will take you on an amazing journey. So pick from 10 departure airports in the UK1 and experience seamless connections at their hub in Paris.


Offering you the best commercial class and first class, travelers can yield benefit of an on the house Chauffeur-drive facility, advanced check-in, steadfast baggage management and deluxe sitting room entrance guaranteeing a unified trip from the beginning to the end.


Through the fanciful sale from KLM, you can sail through Amsterdam to the realm and build remarkable reminiscences. You can choose from 17 parting airports in the UK1 and determine destinations such as Cape Town, Vancouver, Tokyo, Panama, Dubai and several more.

British Airways

A complete facility international airline flying to 135 destinations worldwide, and over 150 destinations with British Airways’ authorization and codeshare associates. Similarly, as an affiliate of OneWorld, they offer clienteles a prolonged route grid of over 600 endpoints, providing clienteles with the finest conceivable travel experience, equally on the ground and in the air.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines soars to 293 airfields in 116 republics. This one flies to additional countries than any other air company and holds a tactical place in amid the east as well as the west.

Delta Airlines

Delta bids uninterrupted facilities from the UK toward New York , Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston,  Las Vegas , Miami, Minneapolis,  Los Angeles, Orlando , Seattle and Washington making it likely to cross the Atlantic at the period that best ensembles you, whatsoever your destination might be.


Last but not list on our list of best flights to South Africa is Lufthansa. Travelling must be a pleasure. The Lufthansa Group’s international course network shelters 400 attractive destinations, on your trip only relish the friendly and exclusive sensation of soaring with Lufthansa.

With Lufthansa, you can count on suitability starting from the first click when you book online to reclaiming your bags at your destination airport. Checking in is relaxed via the Lufthansa website, their innovative mobile website or the Lufthansa app. With your digital boarding pass, you will experience a tranquil and paper-free beginning to your voyage. In addition cheers to Lufthansa’s digital baggage services, you will at all times have the supportive sentiment of knowing precisely where your belongings are situated at any period.

Flights from Australia to South Africa

There are various airlines that fly from Australia to South Africa. Qantas Airlines serves a direct flight to South Africa from Sydney. Qantas also provides an indirect flight to South Africa from Melbourne and Brisbane.

How long are the flights to South Africa?

Length of flight from Melbourne to South Africa – 16 hours and 35 minutes

Length of flight from Perth to South Africa – 10 hours and 45 minutes

Length of flight from Sydney to South Africa – 14 hours

Length of flight from Brisbane to South Africa – 16 hours and 40 minutes

Bonus articles for the travelers

In case you are planning to stay in the popular city of Johannesburg, you will need a decent hotel to rest. There are lots of 5 star hotels in Johannesburg, South Africa. But here in this post we compiled a list of the top 5 best 5 star hotels found on the glamourous city of Johannesburg. Staying in these hotels will make you feel like you are just at home.

With our lists of cheapest flights to South Africa and best international flights to South Africa, we hope you find a suitable airline company for your flight to South Africa.

If you have any experience or had a flight to South Africa before, feel free to share your experience on the comments section.

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