Luxury Travel in South Africa on the Blue Train

The nations of southern Africa are home to some of the most spectacular scenery on the continent. Victoria Falls is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The South African town of Kimberley is famous for its diamond mining, and the Kimberley Big Hole. And various parts of South Africa host safaris, which allow tourists to view some of the rare and endangered animals. In this beautiful country, you need a Luxury travel by train in South Africa.

One way to get from point A to point B in South Africa, and see these and other sights, is by train. The Blue Train has been on the rails since 1923, and it is one of the most luxurious train trips to be found anywhere.

Luxury Travel by Train in South Africa

Luxury Travel in South Africa on the Blue Train

The primary route of the Blue Train runs from Cape Town to Pretoria. These two cities are about a thousand miles and 27 hours apart, by train. This route is run by two trains, one going each way. Each train makes one stop along the way, and passengers are given first class dining and accommodations.

The suites on the Blue Train feature private bathrooms with marble wall and floor tiles and gold plated fixtures. Percale cotton linens and goose down pillows adorn every bed. All suites have air conditioners and, if needed, each suite has an under-floor heating system. Each guest will also enjoy the service offered by his/her own butler.

A pair of lounge cars, one for smokers, feature large windows and comfortable furnishings. Card and gaming tables, original artwork and fresh flowers make the lounge car a great place to watch the countryside roll by, while enjoying an English ritual, afternoon high tea.

Luxury Travel in South Africa on the Blue Train

Breakfast and lunch are smart casual, while dinner is a formal affair. Passengers get two sittings for lunch and dinner, or passengers can also opt for in-suite service. A fully air conditioned kitchen cars prepare all the meals, lest the radish roses get a bit soft.

Crystal stemware and a string quartet accentuate the meal, which can include exotic offerings of ostrich, locally grown lamb, or oysters. A fine South African wine is the perfect compliment to the lavish feast.

South African Sightseeing Attractions

On the southbound route, the Blue Train stops at Kimberley, where passengers might enjoy an opportunity to tour the local diamond mine. The tour includes the chance to get squeamishly close to the edge of the Big Hole. This open pit mine is 1500 feet wide and almost 800 feet deep. It is the largest hole ever that human hands dug.

The northbound route stops at Matjiesfontein, where a double-decker bus and nineteenth century London lampposts remind one and all of jolly old England. An engraved glass filled with local sherry provides a perfect souvenir of the charming village.

Charter the Blue Train – Luxury travel by train in South Africa

At one time, the Blue Train traveled other routes, including visits to Victoria Falls and Kruger National Park. The train doesn’t go to these places on a regular basis, but it can be chartered by private parties, and it will go anywhere the tracks go. Kruger National Park offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in South Africa.

So, for those who enjoy luxury travel, or are curious about seeing the countryside of South Africa by rail, consider going for a ride on the Blue Train. It’s one of the last great train rides on Earth.

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