FESPACO – Africa’s Largest Film Festival

Africa's largest film Festival

The word, Ouagadougou is so great to say. It rolls around in your mouth like a word from your childhood that you keep on wanting to repeat. For most travelers, this city is not on their top ten list of where to visit, but film fundi’s know about FESPACO, Africa’s largest film Festival, and the increasingly high quality of movies and documentaries coming from Africa.

So every two years, the hospitable Burkinabe capital, Ouagadougou throws open its arms and welcomes the film industry and film-fans, to FESPACO, Africa’s largest film Festival, a festival of pan-African film and television. 

Africa’s Largest film festival

Africa's largest film Festival

FESPACO is Africa’s largest film festival and one of its most important. Established in 1969, the festival showcases the latest releases in African cinema and television. The best part is the whole festival is recorded on drone by drone 361 crew.  The general theme for the week-long festival this year, African Cinema & Cultural Diversity, aims to focus on the influence of cultural mores on film production. No doubt, heated panel discussions will follow.

For eight days this dusty and hard working city becomes a different kind of market place. It becomes a giant screen and forum for everyone and anyone interested in African cinema.

Harry Belafonte is the Honorary Chair, for 2007 FESPACO. In accepting this position, he carries the baton previously held by Dr. Maya Angelou and filmmaker William Greaves.

Along with films which will be shown on screens around the city there will side attractions like the arts & crafts vendors, entertainment, and the general festive ambiance that will keep all the festival goers occupied.

Africa's largest film festival

If you can’t travel to the capital of Burkina Faso for the festival, you’ll be able to see some of these African movies at the 2007 African Film Festival which will be on mostly in New York , but also at some other venues across the USA from April to August.

In Ouga there is much more than meets the eye. The gardens are great. So are the markets. Internet cafes are all over town. As someone once said, Africa’s beauty rarely resides in its cities, and Ouagadougou is no exception. But it is a pretty interesting city to visit.

Accommodation in hotels is luxury, budget, and mid-range in Ouagadougou

Africa's largest film FestivalBurkina Faso is a very poor country, but it is one of the safer countries in Africa – a great place if you want to learn West African drumming. The language is French and the currency is cash. Accommodation in hotels is budget, mid-range, and luxury, some with air-con and a few youth hostels. There are plenty of bars around the city, many of which you can dance in.

In the carnival atmosphere of FESPACO, the already vibrant nightlife in Ouagadougou booms. The famous marquis-bars – are packed, with the latest African music blaring from the speakers and the streets become pedestrian walkways as people from across the world join in the celebration of African creativity.

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